Andrea & Will’s Romantic Camp Waldemar Wedding

Camp Waldemar

Heather & Ryan’s downtown Austin wedding

Coppertank Event Center

36th Street Events

Jordan & Kyle + Gruene, TX

We are feeling warm today, looking back at this August wedding at Gruene Estate. Now that we are coming up for air after the busy fall wedding season we have had, we hope to blog some of our faves!! For today, here is Jordan & Kyle’s wedding:)

One on One time with my girl|| A Personal post

People always say to us, “You must have so many amazing photos of your kids!”
Its funny, but we don’t have as many as you would think. Every single time i hear those words, I get so sad! The truth is…it’s hard taking pictures of my own kids. We get in fights. haha. Seriously, it’s hard. We never post personal stories/photos on this blog. Maybe we should more often. This post however I wanted to share. Caroline, about to turn 7 is well into her first grade year. She recently lost both of her front teeth. I have been telling my husband that I desperately need to document this particular time in her life. I want so badly to remember her missing her two front teeth. I have been putting it off and putting it off…until a couple days ago. I told her to grab a couple outfits and a few of her favorite things and we were on our way. She grabbed a book and her writing journal. Just her, my camera and me…what a sweet time we had together. Who knew a little 30 minute photo session could be such a blast! And I got some fun photos that show her personality so perfectly. I will cherish these forever…