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Kellie & Traci ... Both Texas born and raised, currently living our best days on the same street, in the same cute town, smack in the middle of the Lone Star State.
Kelllie ... Coach's wife. Anthro enthusiast. Lover of old country music. Mom to Camdyn, Stella and Owen
Traci ...  West Elm and Madewell Junkie. Wife to a church planter and connecting pastor. Mom to Caroline, Georgia and June.


It doesn't take much time with these two to realize they have known each other forever.  Originally meeting as competitors in an elementary school track meet, they had no idea they would be fast friends in high school, closer in college and even still better friends in the coming years. Both Aggie grads, they decided on a whim to take a film photography class for fun and never looked back. In 2005 they launched Anne Marie Photography...a name coined by a mutual friend using each of their middle names. Fast forward years later and they have shot hundreds of weddings, been featured in numerous publications, expanded their scope with commercial and lifestyle work and traveled across the country and abroad for work. With almost 15 years of experience in the industry they bring a level of confidence to each project. They have the ability to capture emotionally driven images in a fast paced environment.  They are experts in finding glowing and beautiful light in almost every situation, and have a story telling approach that combines ​a classic and modern feel.


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Phone:  210-887-5620   512-644-3507

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